Saturday, June 15, 2019

slow dns apk in Pakistan app

Slow dns Unblocked version in Pakistan and other countries

Friends this app was unblocked in all countries in this version of slow dns 2.2.5 just download and install to use. But newer version have specific countries to use this app.

slow dns 2.2.5
slow dns 2.2.5

slow dns for android in Pakistan

This slow dns app works on ufone and other working networks to connect you phone through vpn server. This app connects your phone through dns server the app slow dns works on almost all q mobile also free net of ufone is working through this app. This app is working on some of samsung devices not on all samsung devices for free internet you can connect this slow dns vpn app on your android phone.

slow dns pakistan version unblocked
slow dns unblocked version

Slow dns app Pakistan.

This app not only work in Pakistan this app works in all other countries where this app is blocked if you want to check your country is blocked or not for this app just search this keyword in play store "slow dns app" if you are not facing any problem to install it's means that your country is not blocked or if you got some warnings about installation of this app on play store then you can use this app. This app is not working on all devices just try 4 mb apk.

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Package Name


Slow dns Unblocked version

File Size 4.8MB

Thursday, June 13, 2019

touch retouch apk download

touch retouch app download.

This app helps user to remove part of the picture that you want to replace with other picture this photo editor app touchretouch apk is realy useful app for android user. The User that want to edit picture the user who interested in editing and modifying pictures this photo editor app works for them make there work easier than other app. There are more function of this photo editor app.

touchretouch icon
touchretouch icon

touch retouch apk download

Touch retouch apk download for android phone through this paid app you can edit your picture crop and add pic to editing pic. The function of this app works very cleverly when adding other picture to editing pic this will not show that this image is edited or another image is added to this image.

Touch retouch apk options.

There are some options of this app these options are interesting in use.

Top panel options

Undo Redo Home Show Original Export.
Undo option will undo your one wrong step on one click.
Redo Option if clicked that redo your one undo step or redo button can repair mistaken undo step.
Home option redirects you to the home menu of the app.
Show Original this button will show you the original picture of edited picture.
Export means you can save your edited images to storage and can able to send them to your friends.

Object Removal.

This object removal option of the app touch retouch having Brush Lasso Eraser and Setting of these three options.
Brush remove the image part like effect of brush doted doted and works on small area of the image.
Lasso remove part of the image like circle just draw a circle or closed area on image and can be used for large area of image.
Eraser this option can erase area of brush and lasso to use the these options accurately.
Setting use for changing the size of brush lasso eraser etc.

Quick Repair.

These options used to get rid of imperfection area of image mark and immediately remove it. Also having setting option for adjustment of size of this option.

This app allow user to remove area of picture in different different ways. Like line remove area of image segment removal area. You can use clone stamp option to make a copy of the image area and place it on other area of the image another option like this option is mirror option for deep editing and requirement of picture editing.

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touch retouch apk

File Size 14.98MB

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

sweet selfie apk

Sweet selfie camera app.

Sweet selfie camera app this app requires 2 permission of the phone. No.1 Taking picture and recording video No 2 Storage to save images to the phone or sdcard. This app only these two permission of your phone don't try to enable any other permission for this app because other permission for this app can harm your privacy.

sweet selfie camera app
sweet selfie camera app

Sweet selfie main options.

There are 4 main option of this app you can use.
1.) Edit 2.) Photobooth 3.) Collage 4.) Effect
these four options the user can use for editing the pic these main four option having other sub options for deep editing and accurate picture effects.
Camera orientation correction.
Front camera orientation correct
Back camera orientation
There is the option for the logo that can visible on pic after editing you can set your own logo and also can remove the logo in the setting. If you want to remove the sweet selfie logo from you pic you can remove the logo from setting of your camera app easily select none logo option in the setting and done.

Sweet selfie camera app effect.

There are more options in this camera app than your original camera app you can add imoji to your image you can apply complete set of effect to any image like set of pilot, set of singer, set of doctor and other set effects these all sets are like original effects you will not even feel for a second that these images are edited or modified.

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Sweet selfie apk

File Size 34.83MB

Monday, June 10, 2019

poweraudio pro music player

Poweraudio pro music player apk download.

Music player pro poweraudio apk download v7.2.2 for android latest version download. Poweraudio pro music player paid apk free download. In this post i am going to describe poweraudio pro music player features.

poweraudio pro music player icon
poweraudio pro music player icon

Poweraudio pro apk equalizer

Two option of equalizer to use in this music player.

1 Use your System equalizer on this player.
2 Use Poweraudio pro music player equalizer.

Power audio pro music player equalizer includes.
1.) Bass boost option. 2.) Virtualizer.
1.) Normal. 2.) Classical. 3.) Dance. 4.) Flat 5.) Folk. 6.)Heavy metal. 7.) Hip Hop. 8.) Jazz. 9.) Pop. 10.) Rock. 11.) Custom.

Poweraudio pro music player settings.

For Poweraudio pro setting.
In settings you can find themes option and much more option but at first step we discuss about themes options.
Themes option having custom wallpaper. you can select custom wallpaper from your storage on this music player.
if you want to select other themes from music player option you can select from there there are also default themes.
You can set start screen option it's means you can select option that will appear on every start of this app.
Like if you want to set albums and want to redirect to that album very fast just put it to start screen option.
If you want to select file from storage you can select folder option of the player through which you can navigate easily to the storage of the phone.
Headset Control.
headset control option allows you to set button for the headphone like function for headset button if you press headset button just once you can play/pause/next/previous song. For Double press function you can set and for triple press function all you can set from available options.

File size

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Poweraudio pro music player apk

File Size 2.82MB

Sunday, June 2, 2019

jet audio music player Pro

jet audio music player Pro

This jet audio music player pro requires android phone storage permission it's means that this player can access your videos, photos, audios etc. but this player don't requires any Internet connection so don't worry for you privacy this app can't harm and can't still your photo or any other file so relax for this type of issue.

jet audio player pro
jet audio player pro

jetaudio hd music player pro

Jet audio hd music player pro is paid on play store this player is awesome to use for network stream audio player link. you can play an audio through this player and also can stream audio through the link there is option of audio stream or network stream just paste your link in network stream bar and stream your video/audio.
This app supports APE, MPC, TTA, MOD, and more

jetaudio music player pro apk download

pruchased jet audio player pro
pruchased jet audio player pro

This app's sub category purchases
1.) Pebble smartwatch plugin.
2.) AM3D Audio Enhancer.
3.) Bongiovi DPS.
4.) Crystalizer.

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jet audio music player Pro

File Size 16MB

Saturday, June 1, 2019

uber app download free ride

uber app download free ride

Uber app get free ride first permission of the app is required by this app is location permission that gives permission to app to get the location of the user. Through this permission uber app will get near other user's (that is driver) location who want to driver his car as a taxi. So this app will connect you with that driver to travel from one place to an other place.

uber apk free ride
uber apk free ride

uber app download

After first permission of this app you will have to add your phone number through which both user can contact each other to pick and drop perfectly at same location. For inserting your phone number you have to verify you phone number through verification code this app will send you a code on that number just add this code to uber app.

how to register?

After doing above steps you have to provide your user name to uber app apk after this step you will complete your registration now you can start your travel from one place to other.

This app provides you cash payment option. Cash payment option means when you meet your taxi driver and that driver will drop you to your place you can pay him cash that is visible on this app and if you want to add other options for your payment methods you can add on this app.

For using this app you have to connect you phone to a working Internet connection.

and give this app permission of location

File size

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Uber cab app free ride

File Size 59.46MB

Thursday, May 30, 2019

download psiphon for pc

download psiphon for PC

vpn app psiphon for PC change your location fast vpn psiphon for PC download v3. This vpn app helps user to use fast Internet proxy you can hide you ip address your location. This vpn unblocks your websites psiphon 3 for PC works on all blocked websites to unblock them use PC psiphon app.

psiphon 3 for pc
psiphon 3 for PC

PC psiphon 3 software download

psiphon 3 software for PC download this psiphon software from given below link and enjoy your free proxy vpn on PC.

File size

psiphon 3

psiphon 3 for PC

File Size 5.15MB